6th Asian Conference on Biomass Science (Bogor, Indonesia)

After Paris Agreement, importance of biomass is increasing. For Asian countries that has plenty of biomass, this is a good chance for biomass introduction. Academic discussion on international effective utilization of biomass is wanted. For this purpose, the 6th Asian Conference on Biomass Science is held in Bogor, following Kochi, Tsukuba, Niigata, Penang and Sendai. If you wish, the extended abstract will be published from the special issue of J. Jpn. Inst. Energy after review. Students, researchers, and those who are interested in Asian countries are invited to join.

Program (as of July 23, 2018)

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For presentators,

1. Oral presentation (OA,OB,OC,OD,OE)
Each presentation is 15 min including discussion. Please present in 11 min, followed by 3 min discussion and leaving 1 min for speaker change. 1st bell rings: 9 min, 2nd bell rings: 11 min (to finish presentation), 3rd bell rings: 14 min (end of presentation) . It is strongly recommended to connect your own computer to the projector in the break. Please bring your PowerPoint file in USB memory in case projection goes wrong.

2. Poster presentation (PA,PB,PC,PD)
The size of your poster is A0 (841mm x 1189mm). Presentation time is 13:00-14:00.
Please stand and have presentation in front of your poster.
The organized committee will award for the best oral and poster presentation on the conference reception. Also, the committee will announce the Excellent paper award.

General information

Co-organized by: Asia Biomass Association
Date: Jul. 31, 2018
Venue: IPB International Convention Center at Botani Square, Bogor, Indonesia
  Access → http://ipbicc.com/location
Language: English
Reception: Evening of Jul. 31, 2018
"International Conference on Biomass 2018 (ICB2018)"
ICB2018 is held on Aug 1-2 at Bogor just after 6th ACBS2018.
ACBS2018 participants from outside of Indonesia can join the International Conference on Biomass 2018 (ICB2018)  in free of charge.
1. To those who have been accepted as full paper authors, including co-authors (should be appeared in EasyChair),
please send an email of your ICB2018 submission numbers to icbsbrc@gmail.com, by 2 July.
2. To those who wish to participate ICB2018 as audiences,
please send an email to icbsbrc@gmail.com, indicating the audience participation, by 2 July.
International Conference on Biomass 2018 (ICB2018), http://icb3.org/
が開催されます。インドネシア国外からのアジアバイオマス科学会議の参加者は,参加費が無料となりますので,あわせて発表,参加を御検討ください。無料入場は,ACBS2018b参加申し込み後、7月2日までにICB2018事務局(icbsbrc@gmail.com)へ無料入場(上記英文1 or 2)の手続きを済ませることが条件です。


Member of the Biomass Division, Japan Institute of Energy: 10,000 JPY (150 USD)
Member of the co-organizing/co-operating organization: 11,000 JPY (165 USD)
Others: 12,000 JPY (180 USD)
Register here (since May. 11, 2018)
*Prior payment of registration fee by credit card will be accepted until Jun. 30, 2018!!

Submit extended abstract (Accepted presentators)

Submission deadline: May 31th, 2018 (for students) ,Jun 30th, 2018 (for others) 
*We are going to give an award to the excellent extended abstract from students.
Please download the template and upload your "extended abstract" from the link shown below,
Your submitted extended acstract will be published in the proceedings of ACBS2018b. The copyright belongs to the Japan Institute of Energy, but when you need to use the content for your future paper publication, you can do so by submitting copyright form to "jie-secretary1921@jie.or.jp".  This form is not needed when you are submitting the paper to J. Jpn. Inst. Energy.
アジアバイオマス科学会議発表論文(Extended abstract)は,日本エネルギー学会に帰属する。

Submit abstract : Call for presentation

Submission deadline: Apr. 20th May 20th, 2018
Send 200 words abstract through the following web page.
1. Presentation should be related to biomass utilization.
2. Presentation: Oral (10 min presentation and 5 min discussion) or poster (To be decided by the organizing committee)
3. No qualification is needed for application.
4. Notice of acceptance by email: Apr. 30th Starting from May 10th, 2018
5. Every accepted presentator must submit "extended abstract (1 page or more)" in the form of pdf files. Please see below.


ACBS2018b is held at International Convention Center located in the Botani Square, one of the biggest shopping mall in Bogor, owned by the Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) and Hotel Santika Bogor is also a part of the shopping mall, so most convenient to stay. You can check the price by the following site, with other travel web sites.


A budget stay, Favehotel Pajajalan Bogor is located at 200m away for the venue, can be used. The Surfactant Bioenergy Research Center of  IPB lead by Prof. Hambali is also located at two minute walk distance from Santika Bogor.


ICB2018 will be held on 1 and 2 August at Salak Tower Hotel, 5 minute car distance (you can call a taxi from Santika Bogor).  You keep staying at either Santika or Fave if you prefer shopping area, or you can move into Salak Tower if you like a quiet environments. Both hotels have good swimming pools, recommended to take swimming gears to enjoy a refreshing early morning swim before breakfast. For those participating ICB2018 looking for a budget hotel, Amaris Hotel Pajajalan Bogor is located in the middle location of those two conference venues.  Zest Hotel is the closest and cheapest hotel to ICB2018 venue. Salak Heritage Hotel is located in more than 20 minute walk distance from ICB2018 venue, so please be careful not to mix those two Salak Hotels.


(Information from Prof. Dr. Haruhiro Fujita : Secretary of ICB 2018, Visiting Professor at SBRC/LPPM/IPB)

Transportation from Soekarno-Hatta Airport to Bogor

You will have options from Soekarno-Hatta Airport to Bogor, by
1. Damri Airport Direct Bus (55,000 Rp),
2. Bluebird Taxi (280,000〜 340,000 Rp + Highway fee + Tip),
3. Vehicle transport at a personal arrangement.

Here, we will show you information on 1. Damri Airport Direct Bus.

At Terminal 2, take left after coming out from the arrival hall, and keep walking on pedestrian walk. You will arrive "Damri bus terminal". Wait in front of the road without buying tickets and get a bus immediately if the repeated call of "Bogor, Bogor....." from the staff on the bus lanes as there is no paging announcement, and it is difficult to identify the destination on the front wind screen. The bus service is not oriented to overseas travelers.  (We are expected to take taxi.) As it seems Terminal 2 is the last pick up of passengers, you should get bus on immediately as it is always not many vacant seats available.  On other terminals you should ask for the Damri Bus. Do not take a non "Damri" bus, as the terminal is far away from the city center. Once you get on the Damri to Bogor, you have nothing to do except for buying tickets from a man coming your seats and collectting money 55,000 Rp. one way. You will be arriving the Damri Bus Terminal inside of the Botani Square, where the ACBS2018b venue, Santika Bogor Hotel, and Fave Hotel are located.  You may take the airport direct bus from the same terminal, every 20 minute operation sharp, from 2am.


Terminal2の場合は到着ロビーから屋外にでて、歩道を左へずっと歩き、最後に行き着くところがDamriバスターミナルです。チケットは買わずに(2018/7/10追記:チケット売り場で買ってもよいようです)、道路手前で待っていて、「Bogor, Bogor」と繰返しの呼びかけを待ってバスに急いで乗り込んでください。スピーカーでの「どこ行きバスが次に入る」などのアナウンスはありません。いくつか、レーンがありますが、そこにいる係員からの呼びかけだけです。バスもよく見ないとボゴール行きが判別できないほど案内は悪いです。Terminal2は3つのターミナルの最後の乗客のようで、いつも乗客は多く、乗れない場合は次を待ってください。20分間隔の運行ですが、間が開く場合もあります。他のターミナルでもDamriバスの乗り場がありますので、聞いてください。Damriバスのボゴール行きに乗りさえすれば、あとは終点を待つだけです。Damri以外のバスには絶対に乗らないでください。他の会社の場合、ボゴール中心からかなりはなれた場所のターミナルで下ろされることになります。Damriバス出発してしばらくするとチケット売りが席までやってきます。55,000Rp.です。ですから事前に買う必要なくひたすらバスを待ってください。Santika Hotel Bogor, ACBS2018b会場があるBotani Square内のバスターミナルに着き、いたって便利です。おひとりで到着の場合はおすすめです。帰りも同じ乗り場から、午前2時から正確に20分おきに空港直通で運行します。

去年暮れAirport RailLinkが空港ターミナル1, 2からジャカルタ南部に開通しましたが、乗換が必要なこと、ボゴール駅からはタクシーはなく、何よりもアンクタンというローカルな乗合バスでしか移動手段がないので、現地の言葉が話せない旅行者には難しいです。


(Information from Prof. Dr. Haruhiro Fujita : Secretary of ICB 2018, Visiting Professor at SBRC/LPPM/IPB)




If you have any question, please contact the following e-mail address.
acbs2018b[at]ml.hiroshima-u.ac.jp (Substitute [at] with @, please!!)

Organizing Committee

Yukihiko MATSUMURA (Chair), Takahiro YOSHIDA (Secretariat), Yutaka NAKASHIMADA, Hiroshi NONAKA, Tomoaki MINOWA, Hiromi YAMAMOTO, Takuyuki YOSHIOKA, Erliza Hambali
Advisory Board:
Shin-ya YOKOYAMA (Chair), Paritud BHANDHUBANYONG, Jessie C. ELAURIA,  Jin-Suk  LEE, Keat Teong LEE, Haibin LI, Dehua LIU, MOHD ALI HASSAN, Unngul PRIYANTO, Tran Dinh MAN, Yoshimitsu UEMURA

Co-operated by (expected)

Japan Alcohol Association, Japan Society of Energy and Resources, The Society of Chemical Engineers, Japan, Japan Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry, Catalysis Society of Japan, New Energy Foundation, The Forest Biomass Utilization Society, The Japan Forest Engineering Society, The Japan Petroleum Institute, The Japan Gas Association, The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers, Japan Sewage Works Association, The Japanese Forest Society, Japan Solar Energy Society, Wood Technological Association of Japan, The Japan Wood Research Society, Japan Organics Recycling Association, The Japanese Society of Irrigation, Drainage and Rural Engineering, Japan Bioindustry Association, Society of Biomass Utilization, The Japan Society of Material Cycles and Waste Management, Mokushitu Baiomasu Riyo Kenkyukai