balld04.gif (1385 バイト)Conference, Meetings, Seminars

Each division or committee holds several meetings. So far the plan of each meeting has been made by each division or committee. The largest one is the Conference on Coal Science, which is held every year. Ninety-eight papers including an invited lecture were presented with about two hundred participants in 1997.

From 1992, a new annual meeting of Japan Institute of Energy is held  annually. The first annual meeting of JIE consisted of nine symposiums covering the various fields of energy, such as the coal, natural gas, combustion, fuel cells, the car technology, chemistry and so on.

The other divisions or committees and local sections organize programs for continuing education. In 1996, the Combustion Division offered a training course and an advanced seminar for the business engineers eager to reeducate themselves. and Liquid Atomization Division also organized such seminars. Not only current topics but also recent advances in basic curriculums are scheduled in these courses and seminars.


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