balld04.gif (1385 バイト)Entrusted Research

Several projects are organized each year. They are often sponsored
by the government or some other institutions. Intimate exchange of
knowledge and cooperative activity among professional researchers in
universities and industrial members are significantly effective to solve
common problems, advance proposals, or to create new-generation

− Research projects currently entrusted by JIE −

  • Base Technology Development for Coal Utilization
  • Research on Next Generation Coal Liquefaction Catalysis
  • Research on Coal Molecular Science and Coal High Degree
  • Utilization New Technology as Base Coal Liquefaction Technology
    (Coal Molecular Science for Advanced Conversion Technology)
  • Coal Hydrogasification Technology Development・Research on its
    Social Adaptability
  • Research on Town Style Coal・Waste Co-Liquefaction Process
  • Study on Research and Development Trend of Artificial
  • Research on Energy Change and Storage Technolgy