balld04.gif (1385 バイト)JIE History

  • The initial organization of The Japan Institute of Energy started to publish "Fuel・Power・Economy" as a monthly journal in April, 1921. Immediately, the organization was titled "Fuel Social Gathering" in May,1921.

  • In September 22, 1922, "The Fuel Society of Japan" was established. At the same time the monthly journal changed its name to "Nenryo-Kyokai-Shi".

  • In June 13, 1927, "The Fuel Society of Japan" was authorized as a corporate organization.

  • Osaka-Office was established in November, 1932 as the domestic branch of the society and changed its name to "Kansai-Office" in September 1955.

  • "Seibu-Office"was established in December 6, 1990.

  • In December 18, 1991, "The Fuel Society of Japan" was authorized to change its title to "The Japan Institute of Energy (abbreviated as JIE)" by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry.

  • In February 5, 1992, "Hokkaido-Office" was established.