balld04.gif (1385 バイト)Encouragement & Prize Awarding

Each year, JIE gives the following awards to recognize the important contributions to energy and fuel science and engineering.
  • The JIE Award in Academic Division is given to members who have made distinguished contributions to the field of energy and fuel science and technologies through an outstanding scientific research.
  • The JIE Award in Technical Division is given to groups of engineers who have
    contributed to the progress of technologies related to energy through the
    development of new process and new equipment.
  • The JIE Progress Award is given for young members and groups for their
    contribution to the progress of science and technologies in the field of energy and fuel.
  • The Award for Distinguished Paper is given to the authors of the two best papers which were published in the Society journal, "Nippon Energy Gakkaishi", in the previous year.

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