balld04.gif (1385 バイト)International Cooperation

16dbal05f.gif (1027 バイト) JIE plays a representative role in organizing the following two committees in Japan.
A bureau staff of JIE is the mediator of the opinions in these committee.
  • Japan National Committee for ISO/TC203 (Technical Energy System)
  • Japan National Committee for IEA/CRD Implementing Agreement on Energy Conservation in Combustion.
16dbal05f.gif (1027 バイト) The following are in association with JIE.
  • The Institute of Energy (UK)
  • The Australian Institute of Energy (Australia)
  • American Chemistry Society - Fuel Chemistry Division
16dbal05f.gif (1027 バイト) JIE is now planning to start another cooperation activities with Asian countries in energy-related organizations, which will involve education,science and technologies.

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